Crossing the Alps

exhibition for birds

Humboldt and Husar

Datasheets: Notre-Dame

wheel of balance


Lightning Concerts

Flying Udder

Datasheets: Udder

Milky Ways


Udder Drawings

Wheel of Whale

Traps for Meteorites

Mountains of Interfritti

Circles of Traps

Cross Creatures Interfritteuseal

Circles of Meteorites

Wheel of Time

Wheels of Vortex

Ship without sea



Cradle of Estuary

Alexander von Humboldt

Cardinal Points

Celestial Bodies

My second Flock

8 Cows, 11 Eggs

Edition Feldkirch 800


Cord of Rexa

Cross Creatures

Three Grazes and Company

World Expo Flock

I am the medium

I am the medium (sketches)

Old Masters

Skins of Life

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Synaptic Dope


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Data Exchange

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Astral Sculpture

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Desert Dogs

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A dragonfly's blink

Jeep Gold


Big Buckling Ball

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Buckle Being

Schnallen braucht Zeit

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